Thursday, January 14

Happy 10, Abi!

January 14, 2000 2010

Yeah you read the title right. It has been ten full years since Abi and I decided to be together. Along the way, we broke each other’s heart and mended the other’s cuts, literally. Our life journey has seen many challenges in various events throughout the decade. Longevity has taught us what a relationship is all about. Without knowing, we kind of raise each other in this process of pursuing bliss.

Within a decade my husband has become a more resourceful man than anybody I know. I could put all my money on Abi and trust them with him. For he is the most accountable and dedicated person in the world, so not a slight hesitation there. Despite the economic freedom he has gained only lately, life, like the spinning wheel has its ups and down so we must prepare for the worst. Lucky me I have a brilliant husband and I am pretty darn happy with his effort so far (kiss).

After all, being educated has significant advantages and applying the knowledge in real life is a benefit on its own. Thank God for tertiary education that we both graduated from. Besides, how else would I have met him (grin)? However, a great deal of experience plays a certain degree of constructive role to get through life. It kind of defines who we are and takes us where we stand today.

As for me, I feel better and better everyday that I live. Evidently, I had never been ill for quite a while now hence not a single MC yet. Surprise, surprise! My last sickness was the chicken pox I contracted before we were married. Furthermore, I get to dream of Abi every weeknight and God allows me to wake up with him on weekends. Just like all sweet dreams should be (wink).

And the stuffs we do together since the year 2000 – beach vacation, breakfast hunting, night drinking and of recent: movie marathon; I really treasure them. They are perhaps boring activities for some but I never seem to have enough doing those with my husband. Only, I wonder where all the energy comes from. Hmm.

It is spending quality moments doing what we both love that I care about. I guess the insufficient time in our hands has always brought us closer that I hate to let it waste on fighting or not connecting with each other. Therefore, if you talk about hopeless idealists enjoying lame pastime, you might as well picture us. Tee hee.

So Abi, I hope you have downloaded an adequate amount of films when I reach Pasir Ris home. Yeah I know there are two sofas but I have just one thing to request of you: may I share the couch with you while watching back-to-back movies this weekend?

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