Thursday, February 27

Letting go stuffs

You have been here before: you buy something but after a while you figure you are not going to use it, ever. So that is when you realize you want to let it go. That is what exactly happening to me. I bought stuffs I do not need. And I am letting them go.

ITEM: Pyrex Storage 10-Piece Set — 1 BRAND NEW set
PRICE: RM100 for self pick up in Klang Valley area ONLY

ITEM: Pyrex Bakeware 2-Quart Oval Roaster — 2 BRAND NEW pieces
PRICE: RM50 for self pick up in Klang Valley area ONLY

Friday, May 10

(cont'd) Seoul searching

After deciding that yesterday I would check out Lotte Department Store in Myeong-dong fashion district so I went down to the hotel lobby. Apparently they provided shuttle service to Myeong-dong which was perfect for me! I got down in the city ten minutes later and just let my Doc Martens clad feet take me anywhere they wanted to. With of course keeping Seoul's largest shopping hotspot in mind.

I was excited when I saw the store, finally. It was huge and there were just too many stuffs to see, like candy to my eyes if you know what I mean. I had to remind myself that Europe trip was coming up soon so buying any candy now would do more harm than good. Yes, I like torturing myself like that. Heh.

When candy is no good I always turned to healthy food. The premium market in the basement had quite nice selection. So I spent some time looking for dinner ingredients and looked like we were having salad tonight.

As much as I enjoyed large shopping mall, I found the streets across the road to be more interesting. Perhaps it was the environment and the people watching I could do out in the open. Hmm. I tried my hand on skincare products that Korean was supposedly famous for but I just could not hang to it. Just not my thing, I guess. All in all, Myeong-dong is a must goto if you come to Seoul.

Thursday, May 9

Seoul searching

Good morning from Seoul, South Korea! I am now looking out the window at the N Seoul Tower that can be seen on the tenth floor of our hotel room. Little fact: as it is located on the historic Mount Namsan hence the name N Seoul tower or simply Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower. We are put up at the Grand Hyatt Seoul for five days and four nights. As the trailing spouse naturally I just follow Abi as he is having a meeting here. Heh.

Truth be told I have not actually completed studying about this city. Frankly until this hour, that is 8am, an hour earlier than Singapore; I have no clue of what and where will I be doing and going today. Because we checked-in our hotel yesterday, my husband and I had the chance to go out for dinner. So that is how I know where the nearest station is. Interestingly, we are just one train station away from Itaewon which is the most mentioned place on the Internet for having halal food in Seoul. I thank god for that!

Since his meeting will take whole day, I will check out the city by myself. How about that huh? I wanna do this although I can choose to stay in the room or lounging at the hotel cafe all day. So allow me to do some Seoul searching and maybe will let me you know how it goes alright. Toodles.

Sunday, March 4

Bonne journée

I am stuck in gay Paree! It is day three Abi and I are camping in Ibis Hotel near Aeroport Orly Sud or Orly South Terminal Airport in Paris, France.

Truth be told, I cannot find anything to complain much because we are getting everything that we need to occupy our time here. Free of charge, fully paid by the airline company of course!

There is free Wi-Fi Internet connection from the reception lobby up to our room. Also, two three-minute phone calls if we want to check in with loved ones back home. Most importantly, they serve us complete meals throughout the stay: breakfast, lunch and dinner; buffet style.

It started of with 229 passengers on the first day. However, a number of them had canceled their flight totally or being sorted in and put on other incoming flight that was flying out to KL the next morning. Since the latter had other connecting flight to catch in KL, we gave way to them and stick to our own flight being repaired and tested as you are reading this.

On a brighter side, this has left us with extra days in the louvre city which screams yay! So as the opportunity is hard to come by anyway, we decided to make full use of this blessing in disguise.

We met other Malaysians that night and start making plans for an outing on the second day. Boarding the train, we headed to see the Luxor Obelisk, Tuileries Garden, Louvre Pyramid, Galleries Lafayette, Notre Dame and the streets around the area. We even found our way to La Chapelle for Indian food lunch and enjoyed viende halal vegetarian rice dish and best of all, roti canai! Delish.

I must admit it is the best flight delay or stranded case I have ever experienced. With proper care and meals, sometimes I feel like the KFC chicken being raised in air-condition barn. I am happy, my husband is happy and our newly met offboard friends are happy. I love these positive people, they just keep me going!

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Wednesday, December 28

Closing time

Today Abi took time off from work. The special thing about it is this was his idea, not mine. He applied for the leave last week; I had nothing to do with that. The plan was to take me out shopping well, think I am going to cry now.

I mean, there are tonnes of nice stuffs my husband gives me already. Too much as in my being grateful alone is never enough to thank him. However, if he ought to do something just to keep me together having to relocate here you are thinking right, mister (wink).

So we began with breakfast at Bedok Food Centre before heading to Orchard Road, where else? We parked the car in 313@Somerset and started working our way up from there. Having spent most of the time at H&M in Orchard Building, we finally left with his new blazer, my knitted tunics and a couple of baby clothes.

We stopped for coffee at Wisma Atria before continuing our quest for wardrobe makeover. Since Abi made a remark about the one I was wearing, I could use a new pair of Havaianas flip flops, period. All in all, we spent close to five hours of retail therapy. Oh my husband and I also enjoyed maybe the highest escalator ride in Orchard Central (tongue). Satisfied, then it was time to go home.

On another note: should you find yourself still reading this until now, thank you so much I really appreciate it. Sharing my rollercoaster life stories is one of my simplest pleasures, really. They are my gift meant for your entertainment. Although it is good if anyone could pick up a lesson or two. Frankly, I would like to take credit for stealing your time. See my cruel intention and evil plan to take on the world there? Tee hee.

When it comes to talking about what the future holds, I am pretty overwhelmed to find that out. I happen to remember what you do not know will not hurt you. The funny thing is people are afraid of the unknown, I tell you that. For me I guess the only thing left to do is sit back on a fully reclined suede sofa of course, relax and enjoy the show. Ah nothing that I love than seeing those smiles again.

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