Tuesday, September 30

Traveling weekend

So I began my journey at five in the evening after office hours. Wait, what kind of loser still went to the office on a Saturday until five o’clock preceding a long festive break? Well, that would be me! I guess this is the price to be paid if my colleagues and I wanted the whole week holiday for Hari Raya. Anyway, we are still losers for having worked on that day.

My husband suggested I fetch him in Singapore before we go back together to Kuala Pilah this coming Hari Raya and I agreed with the plan. I packed our stuffs the night before and brought everything down to the Lion City including Raya clothes, shoes, blanket, pillow and some biscuits and cookies (talk about balik kampung). The journey took me three hours just like I hoped it to be. However, it was a hard journey for me. I was driving alone and fasting, that is why.


After the first hour of driving I started to lose focus. I felt the need to strech because my muscle got stiff from just sitting down. I had already passed the Alor Gajah exit by this time.


At the end of the second hour I began to sing and talk to myself. I was so darn bored! I switched on the radio for break fast announcement and when I heard the azan I ate some dates and drank lemon tea straight from the can. Luckily, I saw the exit signboard for Machap so I believed the driving should be over in the next hour.


I arrived at the Gelang Patah rest area at the third hour exactly. I called my husband so that he would know I was going into the Second Link and later cross the bridge. As I drove through it, there was no one else on that road besides me. I thought that was funny because it was also the Formula One weekend in Singapore and I anticipated a heavy traffic at the border. I was glad I was wrong about that. Then I realized it was really dark along that road and I was a bit scared. I truly understand what long and winding road means now. A few minutes seemed like an hour when driving along such surrounding.

Abi waited for me outside of Tuas immigration checkpoint as I have not mastered the way to get to our house. All I know is that Pasir Ris is in the east coast and that is on the other end of the checkpoint. Period. On our journey back home, we passed the F1 grandstand and people looked so tiny from above the highway.There were already many people even on the qualifying night.

By the way, I had promised my husband earlier that I would cook him masak lemak cili api fish for sahur. Abi had bought all the ingredients neccessary in the evening so I prepared the dish before I went to sleep that night. For a first timer, I scored well this time. Even my husband was pleased with the result. Maybe it was beginner's luck but I can cook lah, Abi!

What a day, what a night. My back ached from a three-hour drive. I slept long and not realized when my husband left for work. Anyway, it was all interesting experience for me. I think I did more and more exciting things after we got married. Maybe Abi is the real reason behind all this. It was his plan after all.

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