Thursday, September 18

Fasting weekends

My work life is as hectic as it has never been. I am as busy as a bee. There were many times I had tried to write a little something, anything at all for the sake of posting an entry but I failed miserably every time. Today I gather all the strength and time I have left to update my so-called life.

It is nearly the end of the third week of fasting month. I am still fasting up to this date although it is the fourth day I caught the colds (without fever, thank God) and sore throat. This Ramadan has a bit different feeling than last year’s because I go through it with a husband. Abi was back in KL for the last three weekends. I was not sure about him but I dined like a queen whenever we broke fast. Everything looked nice and tasted well, pretty much the way they should be.

Not only food that got us excited about fasting but this Ramadan means we have to seriously consider about making our home more presentable. Suddenly, our house being just livable is not enough. So after a lot of discussions we went out day and night to get some furniture. It was tiring to run around buying things but I am glad that we purchased most of them at a fair price. I guess we have completed the house preparation for the coming Hari Raya. It was a job well done, too. Now we only need to prepare ourselves to celebrate the big day for the first time as married couple. I simply cannot wait!

Uh oh speaking of which, we have not picked up Abi’s baju Melayu from his tailor yet. I must find time to drop by the shop before next weekend. As for me, I am pretty much ready to party. However, I am praying that work would become a bit slower since Hari Raya holiday is approaching. I really need this break and spend it with my loved ones.

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