Wednesday, December 24

Crazy love

Just last Friday I drove down to Singapore in my husband’s car. Actually last weekend, I was supposed to stay here in KL while Abi over there because I am already flying over to the Lion City this evening. Apparently, it was our first weekend apart.

However, afraid I would miss him that weekend; I sneaked in my passport in my handbag and turned off all electrical switches in the house before leaving for the office on Friday morning. The Autopass card and disembarkation form were ever ready in the car just in case a prompt decision like this should take place.

Anyway, I went to Singapore without a single dollar or cent for that matter, in my pocket. I left the office about 7.20pm and I made three stops along the way. The first was Air Keroh where I bought myself a drink to prevent me from dehydration and snack to keep me alive.

Next was the Pagoh stop to find the ATM machine. I took out some cash although I know for the fact that RM would not matter in that neighboring country. My third was Gelang Patah where I filled up more fuel for the car so I would have enough by the time I drive back to KL.

Crossing the Second Link was not a problem as there were no visible cars, literally. It is just that the night was really dark I had to turn on the high beam until it hit the light of oncoming vehicles on the other side of the highway. Although I had a smooth drive, the silence surrounding me was somewhat creepy.

Nevertheless, getting to Pasir Ris was a bit tricky for me as I did not have a look at the map on the Internet before I began the journey. I just followed my husband’s direction over the phone. I was only guided halfway through and my phone was dead.

I was left with only one choice: to get home safely by myself. I knew Abi was worried sick waiting for me. I was determined to find the way on my own without any help. After all, I could not get lost even if I want to. It is a small country, for God's sake!

At exactly 12am, I arrived in front of the three storey apartment. I made it, phew! We went out to a food joint as my husband and I promised to have dinner together. It was a very late dinner and I ate like there was no tomorrow.

On the weekend, we did not do much. We just went grocery shopping, ate home cooked dinner and breakfast and said “I love you” in each other’s face for a hundred times. Ah, life felt better with Abi around. By the way, spending a weekend apart was not my keen idea in the first place.

My husband said I was crazy to come over but I guess sometimes it is okay to be crazy in love. At least I still have my health and strength to express my crazy love to him, for now. What if one day I do not own all that anymore? Will words be enough to tell how much I love you, Abi?

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