Friday, January 9

Night walk

It was public holiday in Singapore. I cooked lunch for the two of us: gulai lemak tenggiri fish, fried chye sim with fishball, cucumber salad with sambal cinchalok. I must say lunch was heavenly, especially when I was the chef and Abi was the only patron!

In the evening, my husband and I went out for early dinner at the Swensen’s in Orchard Road. Then we took a long walk and some pictures. The area was especially crowded with people that night. There were a number of events held in conjunction of Christmas celebration in Singapore.

Not only there was road closing concerts but passersby were also invited to join line dancing on the street. I did not take part though simply because I have two left feet. While I am always impressed by those who could show cool moves, I decide that dancing is not something I am good at. It is never my talent.

Abi and I headed home when we were tired of walking and trying to avoid from bumping into other people, literally. Going out to town on a public holiday in Singapore was an adventure for us. We might do it again, just maybe not in the near future.

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