Friday, May 22

Black weekend

I am into the color black right now. There is a number of black colored items that I have been paying attention to these past few weeks.

The first article is called a net book. It is a replica of the normal size computer notebook. Some people call it mini notebook. Hey I do not blame them for being (that includes you, Abi) outdated! Actually, I would not know myself if it was not because of the sales guy who told me about this new term.

Anyway I bought this HP mini just last weekend in Singapore for about SGD700 inclusive of upgraded RAM. I was excited about buying it because I had always wanted to own a computer with girlish color (read: floral, pastel) and feminine looking.

Instead I got this but it is okay because now I see it as having elegant color with sophisticated look.Because this amazing computer is mainly for email checking, internet surfing and online chatting, it is called net book. Just take a look at it below, not bad for a woman’s computer, huh?

I am really enjoying it now. Well, cut me some slack, okay people? This only means I get to communicate with my husband even more through this gadget. I love you, Abi. Hello, new best friend!

The second black piece that has got me writing about it is my husband’s car. It has been nothing but awesome! The car takes me anywhere I desire to go. Be they out drinking with friends, shopping at the mall or visiting families from Seremban to Penang; just about anywhere. I must admit that I have so much fun driving it.

Except that its alarm remote began to have a bit of a problem lately. I suspected that the components inside it had loosened or shifted because Abi and I had been shaking it vigorously when trying to operate it. The correct thing that we should do was replacing the battery when it did not work in the first place. So it was our own fault, not the car.

Other than that, Blackstone or nicknamed Blackie is one responsible machine. Nothing is ever wrong with it, really. We love it so dearly, it is almost creepy. We are so getting a new car. Hmm.

The third black thing would be henna. I was into coloring my finger and toe nails recently. Not only that, I was also fascinated by the idea of coloring them black. It would be fun to give my husband a mild heart attack the next time I visit him in Singapore. Tee hee.

I am loving my life right now. So much! Sure, what is not to like? Having said that, can you at least be happy for me too, please?

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