Friday, August 21

Hectic weekend

Last Friday evening, I waited at the office for my brother-in-law as we were driving down to Singapore to see his brother, my husband, who else? Their mother was also coming with us so we got to fetch her in Seremban, on our way there. The three of us had a good time traveling as the journey was smooth sailing.

We picked Abi up at his apartment and head out to Changi Village. We arrived at this food court to eat dinner where they served probably the best Penyet chicken rice in Singapore. To me it was because the taste adjusted well to our Malaysian palate so we experienced just a mild cultural shock. Besides, they opened until late at night to ensure that we would not sleep on an empty stomach (burp).

We went out on Saturday night for a chili crab dinner at Bedok. Although we ordered four dishes in small size, we had a hard time finishing everything. The chili crab, mix veggie, sweet and sour soup plus tofu were undoubtedly scrumptious but the word small on the menu fooled us all. It was small alright, for a giant! But we tried our best (yawn).

Mustafa Centre was our next stop. As I was sitting down from an aching foot while waiting for mom-in-law doing her shopping, I saw them. A pair of KicKers® canvas pumps! They were dark brown in color that would match my sling bag. Perfect, I thought. So I got up and tried the available sizes and found a pair that fit. And guess what? I paid only SGD14.90 for them! If the word perfect has a superlative, I would say that these shoes are the most perfect buy ever!

We packed up our things as we were going home on Sunday evening. Abi followed us back for he had a training to attend at his KL office. We both checked-in to an accommodation near my husband’s training venue. And the Executive Suite was just what the doctor ordered. It is the kind that I want to live in for the longest time. So I am not going to explain more but let these photos say for the gorgeous room itself. Enjoy!

I sent Abi to KLIA on Tuesday night. By the way, did you know KLIA has a designated parking space for four-wheel drive vehicles only? Well I did not, until that night. How cool is that, huh? Anyhow I must say it was one hectic weekend, and weekdays too! Being mainly on the road for these past few days really wore me out. Lucky my husband’s car has an intelligent mind of its own. Driving around was more fun if you let it do all the work (grin). Love that fine-looking robot. Hmm.

And last night there was a farewell do for a guy from work. We went to Palma Café to have dinner and I chose to eat the chili spaghetti, again. I had it on my last visit but apparently it was not enough, I supposed. Once more, the dish did not fail me because of the mystical power of it has. Okay highly exaggerated, sorry I cannot help it (tongue).

The thing is, it might look simple and harmless but the taste was absolutely heart stopping, in a good way. I actually checked with a girlfriend who ordered the same dish if she was still breathing. Hey just go there and order yourself one serving already. I said enough here.

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