Wednesday, August 5

Rock on, babe!

Last Sunday evening, Abi and I went to his brother’s apartment. Yeah we hang out there like, a lot! His house is kind of a one-stop centre. We would drop by to book bus seats, flight tickets or merely update blog. It is also a pick up point for futsal practice, going back to Seremban or any
cousinly outing.

As for me, I would play with his semi acoustic guitar and annoy everybody with my so-called skill (grin). I could also irritate Abi with my karaoke singing besides watching DVDs he would not buy because he downloads them from the internet. Cheapskate, and I wonder who taught him that. Hmm.It is the place to crash if my husband and I are too tired to drive back to our own apartment. Although our house is just about 10 kilometers away, but to continue our journey home on a full stomach or when Abi drives with his eyes completely shut; is out of the question. However most of the time we crash over there because every night we pay a visit, I would doze off early so Abi just let me sleep.

We would plan a sleepover if my husband feels like watching football or playing PS3 with the boys. Or if we want to eat the best nasi lemak in the world from a stall near my brother-in-law’s place. We have to get up and be there early for breakfast to catch the sambal prawns!

So anyway, last Sunday evening, Abi and I went to his brother’s apartment.
The latest attraction is a new game called Rock Band®! The truth, I pretty much suck at it. Hey, I am just a beginner so you might want to give me more time, huh?

My better half though, was hooked up with the game. I had a hard time making him quit playing so we could have some cake. His birthday cake, for God’s sake! Take a look at him, all smiling trying out the instruments, a drum set and a guitar. By the way, his brother and cousin were kind enough to secretly buy Secret Recipe’s chocolate walnut cake for us to enjoy before Abi caught his flight back to Singapore. Thanks, boys!

Did you like this surprise, Abi?

Well, here is a toast to a funny, gentle, handsome, patient and wise (yeah he is all that, I promise) husband:

Welcome to the Club 30s and believe me, at this point you have already earned everything we need. Just take some time to appreciate it. I trust your every judgment and investment, you freakonomist! Remember that you brought us both here. You know, God has always answered my prayer and you are the best I have ever asked for.

Happy birthday, Abi. May we endure the tests of time and weather in years to come. To health, love, money and many more. Salute!

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