Monday, October 26

Busy bee

It is impossible for me to detail out all happenings for the past one month. So here is my life in recap:

Last weekend, I drove down to Singapore with brother-in-law, his guy cousin and mom-in-law. We met Abi’s kid sister and her boy cousins at Pasir Ris home.

Mom-in-law cooked her famous “mee mama” on Saturday much to everybody’s delight. Although eight hungry kids had to wait for their turns as we were short on plates (sigh).

However, Sunday meal was even better not only because there was stingray asam pedas, omelet, fried prawn and vegetable prepared by mom-in-law; but number of people had also reduced (grin) when three had left prior to lunchtime. More food for the rest of us, yay!

By the way I grabbed a UNIQLO t-shirt and sweat parka from the Tampines outlet, when in fact I needed were the leggings! Maybe sweet husband does not mind buying them for me at ION Orchard, pretty please?

Last two weekends, my husband and I flew to Langkawi. Well, we kind of needed some rest after Raya, without any specific plans. However, we did go to places we missed the last time we visited for example the Cable Car and Underwater World.

Riding our way up to Gunung Mat Chincang was an unbelievable experience. Of course I was scared but it was also a good way of embracing my fear of height. You did enjoy that too, right Abi (kiss)? Meanwhile, the many species at the renowned marine park did not failed to fascinate us. We both especially loved the penguins; they were darn cute and funny!

We stayed at perhaps the only 4-star hotel in Kuah town, which meant duty-free shopping was just walking distance away. We could get to the shops as soon as they were opened in a matter of minutes! And the hotel's buffet breakfast was not disappointing at all and I had eaten a lot before we began our so-called adventure.

We had char koay teow dinner for the first night and sup tulang northern style on the second. For lunch on day one it was grilled kembong, terubuk, a beef dish, fried veggie with rice and drinks at just RM20! We took it easy on our last day as we had northern laksa, mee rebus and cendol for late lunch by the beach.

I got to love everything about this island; the breathtaking landscape, the northern dialect (loud but entertaining) and the flavorful food. Even the RM1 nasi lemak was tasty, unlike in KL. And to a real shopaholic (read: yours truly), shopping became a small part of the agenda when discovering Langkawi was a lot more fun. There are always more things to see, which is why we are coming back for sure.

Abi and I did not have much to do in the last five weekends sadly due to I had to work on Saturdays. Except that a girlfriend forced another school friend to cook pasta for us so we could pay her a Raya visit. Yeah we enjoyed torturing our girlfriend like that but we had fun, right girls? Anyhow, the spaghetti was delicious and so did your so-called serunding (wink).

A university girlfriend got married on last three Fridays. I attended her marriage solemnization that night without Abi but had to skip her wedding reception on Saturday. She was one of my apartment mates back then. All of us were reunited again celebrating her blissful day. After all I had been attending all these girls’ wedding except one.

I almost skipped the after dinner if not for sup tulang they served there. The truth is, I was supposed to fetch my husband later that same night but I had to call brother-in-law for back up. Surprising Abi with his new lift (thanks, bro) I stayed a bit longer to catch up with the girls.

Hey congratulations, dear. May he take really good care of you and take you wherever you need to be. Still not confident to drive, are we? Anyway, cheers!

My AUSMAT friend invited my husband and me to his open house on Sunday. Actually he just bought a new home not very far from my office so we went there to check it out. We arrived rather late but thank God there was still food! The guys had a nice chat while I shoved whatever I could down my throat (burp), before we said good night to our hosts.

So that was it, all my Raya weekends in an entry. It was cool although tiring but that was because of the office moving thingy. Oh my workplace was relocated and it had only been eight days today. I am still inhaling the fresh paint odor which is making me uneasy. Well, life or work has to go on, I guess. It is survival of the fetus, anyway. I hope I am strong enough to face same old at-new-office politics but let us pray I do not have to step on other people’s heads to pave my path here. So are you like, scared now?

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