Wednesday, September 23

Hari Raya 2

Abi and I celebrated our first day of Hari Raya in Penang. In fact, we were already on our way over there two days prior to the big day. I had also promised myself to break the fasting with grandmother; and dad in Sungai Petani. I managed to fulfill them all, thank God.

We performed our Raya prayer at the Al-Jamiul Badawi Mosque in which the former Prime Minister and family were also present. Tun was not able to be around during such festive day like this for more than ten years due to his duty but now he was back in his hometown to join the celebration.

After that my husband and I visited a couple of my relatives’ houses and we were off to his grandmother’s. We hit the road about one in the afternoon and arrived in
Kuala Pilah in one piece before sundown. Brother-in-law was planning a barbeque party so we did not want to miss that!

On the third day I was already in
Pasir Ris to accompany Abi who got just a day leave from his office (poor baby). For your information the official public holiday for Hari Raya in Singapore is one day only. Here in Malaysia we get two days but my office would be shutting down for five days so, yay!

Anyhow, this only means that I could follow my husband (
been there), would do a bit of post Raya shopping (done that) and might try (I repeat, try) to visit my relatives or his relatives over there. If they are already back in town that is.

By the sixth Hari Raya we both will be back in
KL. Only then I get to see my mother and her side of family. I am crossing my fingers though. Plans can still change depending on the energy we have left for attending all those invitations. Traveling south-north-south-then-north-again can be exhausting even for diehard travelers like us.

I am praying for a quick but safe journey home. We are all set for it and going to make this trip happen. The truth I do not really mind about going everywhere in times of celebration but I only care if Abi is going to be around. However, I am looking forward to cooking and eating festive foods with no regrets! And most importantly, we will try to be there for our families even if it means we are going to be on the highway a lot.

The reason I am telling all this is because you can know our whereabouts. If we are not at your open house party, we may be at someone else’s farther from yours. I know it is tough being us but a couple’s got to do what a couple’s got to do. Although kindly find it in your heart to not make this a big deal and pardon our lack of appearance, literally.

So may you enjoy your festive holidays. Please do not drive but stay home during Hari Raya so
we can hog the road!

p/s: Happy birthday mom-in-law! I hope our
duit raya was enough for you to buy a nice gift for yourself (wink). It is your special day so I wish you have a good time today.

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