Thursday, December 17

New mood

Last Thursday night I flew into Changi Airport where Abi had waited for me so we could have dinner together. He already ordered a takeout prior to my arrival which was thoughtful (kiss). However, I failed to push in that last pizza piece down my throat because it was real cheesy and I was, well, sleepy. So I saved the leftover to continue eating it on the next day.

I woke up when my husband was getting ready for work on Friday morning. He handed me some cash for grocery and other stuffs (read: shopping, honey!) and kissed me goodbye. As much as I hated seeing him off, I know that my man is not only passionate about his job (okay you cannot deny this fact, Abi) but also doing his best to provide for the family. Meanwhile, I admit to be his exact opposite. Opposite attracts, get it? If he works, I sleep. If he earns, I spend. So when he gave, I took; a simple display of give and take. Tee hee.

I got back to sleep, then woke up to doing laundry because the sun was out. The weather was so fine and before I knew it, I left the apartment making my way downtown. My first destination was Wisma Atria. I had a voucher which would expire soon so must make use of it. A dinner purse caught my eyes so I cashed it on that. After much hunting around, I managed to get jeggings and a shirtdress too, at ION Orchard so, yay!

My last stop was White Sands where I bought the necessary ingredients for cooking my famous gulai lemak. I went back to the house by midday; all smiling with the purchases. Remember the leftover pizza? I had that for lunch (tongue) and still breathing, thank God. And dinner was prepared as Abi came home from the office. Ah what a perfect wife’s day I had.

It was Saturday and we decided to start our day with a big breakfast of hash brown, sausage muffin, scrambled egg and coffee. Then I dragged Abi to IKEA to look for a few household items. My husband got himself a chair cushion and massage sandals from this outing. Hmm we must be getting old that you now need supporting aids for your cute butts and tired feet. Whatever, I love you regardless; you good looking old man (grin)!

You know what else made me realize that we are getting old? The fact we could no longer consume that much food like we used to. That evening I was excited about eating at a restaurant serving Korean barbeque and steamboat buffet. Half way enjoying dinner, I felt like giving up already. Sure it was delicious and we finished everything we ordered but after that Abi and I had to walk it off in the park behind our apartment. I promised myself not to indulge in such lavish feast anymore. Well, at least not in the next two years or so.

On Sunday evening my husband sent me to Harbourfront Centre terminal where I would depart back to KL. We had a drink before scouring for stuffs to bring on our holiday. Abi bought (finally, something!) two t-shirts for himself and capri pants for me. He also got me flip-flops last week and called from VivoCity about two boardshorts he purchased today; so I think we are pretty much set for the trip this coming weekend.

Hardly, I cannot wait to travel again. The truth is I have lost focus at work. I am beginning to feel the warm breeze as opposed to this cold harsh office air conditioner trying to match the weather in Tokyo. Come on, who are we kidding?

All that playing in my mind is images of a beautiful island and mouthwatering Thai food! Gaining holiday weight due to excessive and frequent munching is inevitable but I shall not care about it for now and it will be dealt with once we safely touch down in KL where I can start panicking (sigh).

If you are unable to reach me on the phone, I may be busy packing up our bag. Later if you do not see me online, perhaps there is not any Wi-Fi on the beach! I will be visible again next year, God willing. Alright kindly be safe, drive safe and play safe, people. Let the year end celebration begin!

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