Wednesday, December 2

Playing chef

Last month when I cooked lunch one weekend in our Pasir Ris home, Abi invited his guy cousin working in JB to come over and join us for the so-called feast. On one hand, he really enjoyed my gulai lemak tenggiri, thank God. On the other hand, he could not believe that I learnt preparing it from the Internet. Well, being married to a Negri Sembilan folk (Hobin jang, hobin! Sorry i cannot help it), he thought my beloved mother-in-law must have taught me the recipe. Truth to the matter is she had not. And I thought the whole skepticism thingy was funny.

So, because he still did not buy both my husband’s and my words for it, all that I could think of is another relevant reason for my unbelievable cuisine talent (tongue). Although I did not even came from that state famous for the dish, I am in fact half Minang, whose ancestors hailed from Padang, Indonesia and opened a piece of land and resided in Gombak, KL. Now that I revealed you my secret, so I say blame it on the blood running in my veins, dear cousin. But I think Abi rather sees it as a blessing because this means that I do not totally suck at cooking (wink).

It got funnier last two weeks; when one of girls from the office who was getting married would like to learn cooking from me (grin). I told her the same thing I did our guy cousin; the internet
is my teacher. I just cannot believe that people are seeking my advice nowadays. Or I must be getting older that I gained such aura called wisdom. Hmm. You ought to be one with the network, my child (read in an echoic mode). Anyway congratulations on your wedding, babe! It was a grand reception last Saturday and you were right about the food being tasty. Yeah of course you can come to me anytime for those cooking tips (kiss).

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