Tuesday, February 2

Heartfelt note

I do not find people who keep on reminiscing their glorious past, interesting. What is worse, they speak about memories from decades ago. It is fun if you do that at a school or university class reunion, but on a day-to-day basis? Came on, this is downright sad!

Almost always you would hear stuffs like, “When I was studying in the UK...” or “I was voted queen at prom back in 1816…” So my following questions are, “How much government fund was wasted educating you, again? Why does your job performance not reflect your old illustrious self?” Exactly.

Actually, I enjoy listening about you here, now, in this life. If you are also making contributions to your family, company and the economy, all the better. Personally, I have more respect for people who not only move on with their lives but also look forward to the future. Time is too precious for me to waste on the past because I need it more in juggling life. Wait, do I have a life? More than you can imagine. Hmm.

Allow me to brief you on the four basic groups of people in my daily existence. There are the office girls whose role is to share job related issues during working hours. Well, maybe sometimes we extend the sharing after official hours over drinks and dinner. Next in line are the gossip buddies who sign in as the unconditional listeners to my complaints from a hard day’s work. We make a point to meet up every week, without fail so far.

Then comes in the blasts from my past including former schoolmates or university acquaintances. With them, it is usually brief encounters in the last minute without proper plans and merely to catch up on our respective lives, so we know that the other is doing alright if not great. Finally, I give credits to the clan and relatives who never fall short on entertainment for Abi and me. You guys always have dramatic stories to tell whenever we are around. God bless all of you.

Why are these groups so incredible, you ask? The key is we talk of current goings on. Simply progress and updates. We never went too far aback where everything was easy and relaxed. Of course we will forever miss those crazy moments but now is more attention-grabbing. It is much much more challenging hence intriguing (grin).

What I am saying is my present life is content, thank God. Not a thing can bring me down, you know? I try hard every other day thinking what could possibly make me miserable. But all the efforts come back nothing. Although some people might hate my jolly attitude and it is not hard to tell them apart; even that does not shake me.

I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs to the world that I am happy. How else can I say this to you? I do not know how to be pathetic. Hey, is that some sign of abnormality? Seriously to me, happiness is a state of mind. You may hate the repetitive job you do for so long now. You may love another but it is unrequited they would never be yours. However those are too small an issue because baby, life still goes on as it must.

The world is a place awful enough to survive if everybody keeps focusing on weaknesses – theirs and others’. Instead, it will be a better one when people give full concentration to strengths. I am not telling you have an option in doing it. In fact you should be doing this. Enough with the negativity, people. It brings you nowhere. Positivity takes you places and believe me, it does (tongue). By this time, I could safely say that I have been there, done that; without hesitation or regret.

I am Sanguine and I live for the moment. Fond memories have found their place and they are there to stay – at the back of my head. Bad relationship with a family member, even friend; or so-called life disaster would come haunting me unless I make peace with it. It is amazing how you too can laugh about it then, because in years to come none of it is relevant anymore. Therefore, moving forward is the way to go for me.

Oh by the way, our Phuket tour video has been available for quite a while now. What can I say about it? It is by far the coolest personal work of art, like ever, courtesy of my husband’s brother: future film director. So good I decide to put its link here. There is a catch though; it has a password! Alright, no surprise there. Do not look at me, ask my brother-in-law because he produced it like that. Tee hee. Thus, this exclusive video is dedicated for people who care and matter to all of us who are on it. Enjoy!

p/s: I might be willing to entertain password request. Courteous Malaysians, all you got to do is ask nicely (wink).

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