Wednesday, February 17

Hot weekend

Last Saturday morning, Abi and I drove back to Paroi Jaya because mom-in-law prepared fried penne for breakfast. My husband ate so much of it that he forgot we had a wedding lunch to attend. So hoping there was still room in our tummies, we went to my colleague’s reception at midday. However, the burning hot climate killed off my eating mood although I was pretty sure I could stuff some more food (sigh). Due to the unforgiving heat my husband and I left as soon as we congratulated the newlyweds. We were on our journey back to my hometown in Penang anyway.

Being public holiday eve, the North-South Expressway became jam-packed with all kinds of vehicles. Abi was crazy mad at the authorities, highway concessionaire, other drivers, road system; to list a few. I must admit the first three hours was a total nightmare! It was until we passed Ipoh that the traffic congestion began to ease. The next two hours was smooth sailing for us right to Juru exit toll.

As we arrived just in time for dinner, I decided to eat
prawn noodle in Sungai Dua. The famous Mee Rebus Pak Ngah was our pit stop for the evening. And boy, the prawns they served were huge! The five-hour pain in the butts, literally, was paid off. Even my best prawn skin peel-er (that is you, Abi) could not help smudging his white shirt while at it but still looked darn handsome (kiss).

We spent the night at my grandmother’s house and woke up early on Sunday morning to catch another prawn based meal. Ideal for breakfast,
Cucur Udang Aladin is the one prawn dumpling we always always have when in Kepala Batas.

In the afternoon my husband and I went out for lunch at
Ikan Bakar Din where we had grilled kembong, sliced stingray, whole terubok, beef soup, bean sprout kerabu, three different sambals, ulam plus drinks. All those for as cheap as RM30 only. For two persons, I must say we had a feast!

Oh I made friends with a retired teacher from Tikam Batu. It was also a pleasure meeting you, Cikgu Zabedah; who was funny, informative and she regarded me as
orang berbahasa. Aww I need no more recognition than that. After all, you were nice to me first; it was only natural reflex on my side. Enough said.

Funny story. Abi wanted to check out Batu Feringghi following his brother’s recommendation. He said the place had a facelift and is a must-see if we visited the island. So off we went about nine o’clock that night. However, I already fell asleep in the car before we even reached there. In fact, I passed out the whole time (tongue).

My husband ended up braving the traffic jam, checking out the so-called happening place, from inside of the car, on his own. Even he was not sure how he managed to get us both back to my grandmother’s, at midnight, in one piece, because he was tired himself. Sorry darling and thanks for the safe ride home though.

On Monday morning, we went out to have breakfast at
Roti Canai Aziz. They made the crunchiest thing ever and breakfast for two plus one to go, costs less than RM5. I certainly cannot get that price anywhere in KL. For lunch, we tried mixed rice from Nasi Kandar Line Clear. I am neither expert nor a fan but Abi thought it tasted just alright, so yeah.

Daytime was scorching hot sunny that the car’s heat indicator showed an outside temperature of 39 degree Celsius. I felt it was exactly like in Makkah where we went to April last year. Does this mean we need to apply sunscreen when
pulang kampong, too? Hmm. However, sizzling hot weather did not stop us from going to Kompleks Dato’ Kailan and bought one half kilos of my favorite selection of pickled fruits for RM12 only (grin).

My cousin invited us to have dinner at his house that evening. They served us fried siakap, mutton kurma, gulai nangka, sambal belacan, moist chocolate cake, sweet pineapple and coconut drink with generous coconut shavings. Although we really enjoyed the feast, Abi started to worry his work pants would not fit anymore. Tee hee. Our final visit was to my father’s and stepmother prepared the best caramel pudding in the whole world! We said good bye to them at 11pm and my grandmother 4.30am before leaving for KL on Tuesday morning.

By the way the eating places highlighted here are worth checked out because they supply great food if not the best. Although I failed to snap any signature dish pictures from those outlets, it is no harm if you just take my word for it. Therefore, the next time you find yourself somewhere in Seberang Perai, I hope you will make use of them hence never go starving (wink).

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