Monday, March 29

HK weekend

Let us see, where do I begin? I know it has been a while since I last wrote anything. I was busy doing nothing and everything! Funny that I received an uneducated comment for my blog, the guy (or at least I thought it was a he, since it failed to reveal his identity) made me feel like writing again. Miss me that much, huh? Aaaaw sweet (yawn).

Anyway as an honorable income earning wife, I treated Abi on a return trip to Hong Kong last week. His brother and cousin sent us to the airport to get on a 6.20 flight (a kind of public transportation). We ate breakfast as if it was our last halal meal before boarding. The four hour journey made me spent the first two watching movies on iPod and my husband reading. The next two was spent sleeping across three seats. Yes, that can be done.

Now because he earned more than I do (hello), I let Abi take care of all financial matters upon touch down at HKIA which include food, hotel, MTR (also public transportation) pass, Disneyland ticket and souvenir. Thank you, honey! Prior check on the internet told us the temperature was just going to be 19 degrees as in typical air conditioner. So we totally followed the no-jacket-required suggestion. The truth was, I nearly died of the cold island breeze! Enough (dramatically) said.

After checking-into the South China Hotel, my husband and I took an evening walk through Victoria Park. Then we headed to Causeway Bay area and hung out at Times Square while waiting for dinner time.

The following morning we went uphill to The Peak on a double-decker (another public transportation). It was exciting and scary ride all at the same time. However once we arrived there, the scenery was speechless.

On the third day Abi brought me to Disneyland. It was my first visit to the theme park chain and it was his second time so who is the bigger baby here, huh? Oh my husband said Disneyland is for little children but he set foot there twice and once in Tokyo, what up! By the way Space Mountain was brutal, I must admit.

We ran around in Tsim Sha Tsui for last minute shopping on our last day. It was also Hong Kong Sevens weekend, so naturally malls were packed with tourists. Abi needed to grab a Kukri jersey and a tournament t-shirt for brother-in-law. Well they are both former players, so there was logic behind the need.

In short, I enjoyed eating briyani, kebabs and fruits from Indian restaurant, Middle Eastern fast food joint and the supermarket respectively. Ironically, we were in China but got no chance to taste Chinese food (sigh).

And we totally, totally had fun hopping on and off buses and tramps (other public transportations) around town! I just do not get why some people (refer first paragraph) have such narrow mentality on public transportations. I mean they are cheap, environmentally friendly and simply spells joyride (grin).

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