Wednesday, April 28

Working weekend...not!

I joined a department outing to PD last two weekends. Well, it was not exactly my department but I decided to be around people that I love; the office girls, the division GM, the invited ex-colleague and the rest of young and talented designers.

It began with a telematch program by the beach in the evening. I did not participate because I brought a competitive player (read: my husband). I really had fun video capturing those funny and victory moments (wink). Later we enjoyed barbeque dinner with very entertaining karaoke and talent performances. Well, we could not say much when our GM started to use his executive power on us! Many gifted singers were discovered that night. I was not spared either and did my best up there on the stage, tee hee.

After dinner photo session, Abi and I had late night coffee with the office girls. Funny story, we were at the kopitiam for about five minutes before realizing that we sat next to the GM and his family’s table. What a coincidence! However they had to say goodnight early and left us talking and laughing over greasy food and sweet drinks in the wee small hours of Sunday morning.

We woke up quite early considering we went to bed rather late. After breakfast, all of us try to figure out how we could get all the small children out of the swimming pool because we badly wanted to play ball in the water (tongue). Alright it sounded a bit ruthless but hey it was for their own safety.

So we began playing small game in small number. Initially, we occupied a third of the space. Then it became bigger that we conquered half of it. Finally, we had the whole swimming pool to ourselves. Shame on us, guys (grin). But that ball game was awesome!

We stopped playing half an hour to check-out time. Closing agenda of the trip was yummy lunch followed by snapping goodbye pictures. My husband and I bid farewell to my colleagues’ families before heading straight to KLIA.

And seeing him off was difficult, yet again. Thanks Abi for doing this with me. Should there be no tomorrow for me, kindly be informed that I have loved you indefinitely (kiss).

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