Sunday, May 2

Awesome start

Just last week, I had been granted an American visa. How about that, huh? Truth to the matter, I lost sleep prior to the interview. Apparently, the online application was repetitive and already stressful for me. So do not bother imagine the tension I went through (tongue).

On the day I woke up darn early, dressed down and drove off to KL. I got a 7.40am session and found a long line in front of the embassy. Hmm what time you people arrived there, again? Quickly I checked-in, went through tight security and I was in.

The waiting almost killed me. The website is not kidding when it says the whole process should take around two hours. I overheard (could not help it, shame) and witnessed other people’s visa application being rejected on reasonable grounds. It was scary for me as I felt so alone in this.

Then my number was up so I tried hard being myself, imagine that. I answered a series of questions nicely. Of course, the interviewer did not let me off the hook that easily. He asked regarding my job and I had to back my company up, save its face from further damage (sigh). But I am lovable, it is in the genes. He was satisfied with my answers and charm; and I was approved (phew). I left the embassy by exactly two hours I came in and ready to collect my visa the next day.

So I passed the application interview. Great. Now I can sleep on passing the American immigration, yay!

Anyway back in the office, a promotion in confirmed. Well what do you know it is also bonus time, yay yay! It seems the first third of FY10 has been awesome for me, thank God. And that concludes such a great, great start of a crazy year as an MNC’s senior employee and a weekend, wait for it, wife (wink).

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