Thursday, May 9

Seoul searching

Good morning from Seoul, South Korea! I am now looking out the window at the N Seoul Tower that can be seen on the tenth floor of our hotel room. Little fact: as it is located on the historic Mount Namsan hence the name N Seoul tower or simply Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower. We are put up at the Grand Hyatt Seoul for five days and four nights. As the trailing spouse naturally I just follow Abi as he is having a meeting here. Heh.

Truth be told I have not actually completed studying about this city. Frankly until this hour, that is 8am, an hour earlier than Singapore; I have no clue of what and where will I be doing and going today. Because we checked-in our hotel yesterday, my husband and I had the chance to go out for dinner. So that is how I know where the nearest station is. Interestingly, we are just one train station away from Itaewon which is the most mentioned place on the Internet for having halal food in Seoul. I thank god for that!

Since his meeting will take whole day, I will check out the city by myself. How about that huh? I wanna do this although I can choose to stay in the room or lounging at the hotel cafe all day. So allow me to do some Seoul searching and maybe will let me you know how it goes alright. Toodles.

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