Sunday, March 4

Bonne journée

I am stuck in gay Paree! It is day three Abi and I are camping in Ibis Hotel near Aeroport Orly Sud or Orly South Terminal Airport in Paris, France.

Truth be told, I cannot find anything to complain much because we are getting everything that we need to occupy our time here. Free of charge, fully paid by the airline company of course!

There is free Wi-Fi Internet connection from the reception lobby up to our room. Also, two three-minute phone calls if we want to check in with loved ones back home. Most importantly, they serve us complete meals throughout the stay: breakfast, lunch and dinner; buffet style.

It started of with 229 passengers on the first day. However, a number of them had canceled their flight totally or being sorted in and put on other incoming flight that was flying out to KL the next morning. Since the latter had other connecting flight to catch in KL, we gave way to them and stick to our own flight being repaired and tested as you are reading this.

On a brighter side, this has left us with extra days in the louvre city which screams yay! So as the opportunity is hard to come by anyway, we decided to make full use of this blessing in disguise.

We met other Malaysians that night and start making plans for an outing on the second day. Boarding the train, we headed to see the Luxor Obelisk, Tuileries Garden, Louvre Pyramid, Galleries Lafayette, Notre Dame and the streets around the area. We even found our way to La Chapelle for Indian food lunch and enjoyed viende halal vegetarian rice dish and best of all, roti canai! Delish.

I must admit it is the best flight delay or stranded case I have ever experienced. With proper care and meals, sometimes I feel like the KFC chicken being raised in air-condition barn. I am happy, my husband is happy and our newly met offboard friends are happy. I love these positive people, they just keep me going!

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