Friday, August 8

Another birthday

There is another birthday person in the house!

How does it feel to be an expatriate employee, blessed with healthy-although-trying-to-ruin-it body and married to your first love at this age, my husband? You should feel grateful because you have achieved so much up to this day. As your hangout buddy, partner in crime and Mrs. Abi, I am actually proud of you.

Never mind all the workload, exhaustion and people that you need to deal with along the way. Actually, those add color to your life. Unless you rather live with just orange, red and yellow without the touch of a bit of black, brown or grey; I do not suppose you would be able to appreciate your life painting very much.

As for me, I love the man as he already is. I am happy just the way we are and to have each other. He is my missing piece of puzzle that to have found him has completed another beautiful picture in my life.

So, Happy birthday Mr. Irwan, you deserve this life as you earn it hard. I was there to witness you fell and rose to even more achievements. I am honored to be an audience to your great performances so far. Those other goals that you have been aiming in life, you are getting there. I just know it.

Last night I received a bouquet of half a dozen pink roses and a teddy bear called Furry from my husband. It was delivered late in the evening and luckily I was still in the office to accept it. Well, I must admit that I am not a ladylike (although I recall clearly that my Chinese teacher once told that my name carries this meaning in her language) person and not the flower type of girl too. However, I believe that one’s thought shall be materialized appropriately. So whether it is flower of something else, I am always happy to receive a gift that comes with a deep special thought about me from the sender.

Some people may think that indulging or spending especially on others is a waste and unnecessary. To me, when it comes to the people you care about let alone those who you love dearly, the act is never wrong. Because if you can afford a little luxury, it is really showing something here: that your personal economy is growing and status is improving. Guess who my current economics teacher is. My husband is a genius!
Anyway Happy 4 month, too, Abi!

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