Friday, August 15

Another holiday

Sawatdee kaa!

Last Saturday, my husband, his brother, four cousins and I met up at the KLIA LCC Terminal to board the 3.15pm Airasia flight. Destination: Krabi, Thailand! It was the first time that the seven of us went for a holiday together. We chose to go that weekend as it was our last chance to travel before the coming fasting month.

None of us had ever been to a place said to be the filming location of the movie The Beach. We decided to spend four days and three nights without having a plan of what we could be doing during our stay. However, we would expect to spend our time on a beautiful beach over there.

Upon arrival, we chartered a van to bring us to Ao Nang beach where we bought boat tickets to West Railay beach. We got to the pier where the boat was waiting on the back of a pickup truck. From there, we continued our journey on a bumpy ride in a long tail boat. That was four kinds of transportation needed just to get to there!

After checking-in to Yaya Resort in East Railay, we headed straight to the beach. By the way, Krabi time is an hour later than KL so we still got some time for a short dip in. Truth to the matter, Krabi has many nice looking beaches where the sand is clean and the water is clear too.

The next day onwards, we went island hopping and sightseeing where we crossed over to Tub Island, snorkeled near Chicken Island, swam with fishes at Poda Island, watched sunset on East Railay beach, admired the Viking cave, sailed through the cave near Krabi river, shopped at Bond Island, visited Panyee Muslim floating village, showered at Menora waterfall, swam at West Railay beach, got massaged near Yaya Resort and shopped some more in Krabi town. You name it, we did it all in Krabi. So much for a no plan vacation.

I must say that Poda Island's beach has the cleanest water that we could even see schools of colorful fish swimming at just waist deep. I am talking about the fish you normally see when going snorkeling in the coral reef area! It was exciting to watch them though I felt ticklish as they bumped into you.

Like true beach people, we spent our nights by having seafood dinner, walking along the beach and staying up late playing cards. We even invented a coconut nectar soda mix for losers of the card game to drink. My husband and I drank once each, brother-in-law twice but poor cousin had four shots. Trust me it sucked big time!

I always have a weakness for banana split. In Krabi, I had it for two nights in a row. The first was a combination of chocolate, coffee and strawberry ice-creams. While on the second night it was chocolate, coffee and coconut scoops! Although their choice of ice-cream flavors was slightly different from what I would typically have in KL, the banana splits were downright yummy. I have to admit I hated to share those with my cousins. I let them taste just a spoon or two and then sorry guys, the rest is mine!
As far as souvenirs are concerned, my mom got a pearl brooch from James Bond Island. I also bought a Thai silk jewelry box for mom-in-law, a ceramic milk dispenser for sister and a mug for my husband from Krabi town. I did not get anything for myself though. However, I got the beach fun I deserved, the sinful food I craved, the few days leave I needed, the soothing massage I longed, the people I enjoy being with around me and of course the husband I love always right by my side.

I did not realize that a crowd of people could have so much holiday fun. It was the craziest one so far. And guys, for all the precious memories I brought back to KL: Khawp khun kha!

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