Thursday, July 31

Birthday weekend

Happy birthday to me! Oops, did I say that out loud? Did I just announce to the world that I am another year older? Anyway, I hope that I have become a lot wiser than I was in the last few years. However, I am not the type of person who plans out her whole life, which is why I have a husband to do that. I am a human who appreciates the essence of living by my own definition:

I never chase or wait for time but I always go along with its pace
I always look up to others and avoid people with potential waste
I pray for happiness thus treasure to the fullest if it approaches
I steer clear of sadness but embrace with tears when it appears

This year, my birthday is especially different because I had the chance to celebrate with my husband, yay! We decided to drop work, escape from everything else and leave KL on my birthday weekend. Yogyakarta was our getaway destination while AirAsia was the choice of transportation. Actually, the sun rises an hour later in Central Java than KL. Because I did not set my watch to local time, I got a bit confused with the time difference between KL and Jogja. I could understand the time zone concept only on the third day. Thank you Abi for being so patient with me!

We checked-in to Delta Homestay where they sent different snacks with coffee or tea to guest’s room at teatime every evening and served bread or toast with egg of any kind as per requested for breakfast in the morning. All was complimentary. We also paid peanuts for a double bedded room with both air conditioner and ceiling fan. Although there was not a TV and the hot shower was not working, I believe we ought to break communication with the world and enjoy nature at its best on a holiday. It is more romantic this way too because no TV means I got to talk and Abi had to listen. Oh, how I love his undivided attention.

The next day our tour started with the famous Borobudur; the world heritage number 592. Abi was so delighted that we actually made it to a historical place mentioned in the Malaysian secondary school Geography textbook. As for me, having the opportunity to see live smoke coming out of an active volcano of Mount Merapi was stimulating. Of course we did get to see it up close but to be on the same land was already thrilling for me. After having nasi padang for lunch, we went to Prambanan; another site of the past. Being a world heritage number 642, no wonder it also received many visitors that weekend.

In the evening, my husband and I chartered a becak; transportation comes in a form of a tricycle to go around town and do some shopping. We managed to buy just three batik shirts and a silk pareo because we hate to let our so-called driver spend longer time waiting for us. When the night fell, Abi took me for birthday dinner where we had grilled pomfret and sea bass with sambal and rice on the side. Delicious.

The next morning we hopped again onto a becak to see yet another historical site. We dropped by an art gallery and Abi purchased a painting for our bedroom wall. We continued our tricycle ride to Taman Sari where the amazing lifestyle in ancient Jogja kingdom was reflected in its grand architecture. Then, we were brought to a shop selling Jogja ole-ole or souvenir and purchased a number of Jogja delicacies to take home. Before checking out and left for the airport, my husband and I had fried rice for lunch and again, complementary tea. Scrumptious.

I must say that this was the coolest birthday so far! There was neither a birthday cake nor gift from my husband. I was grateful that he was by my side this time around. God knows how many years we have left to celebrate occasions like this together. To my darling husband from the bottom of my heart, I dedicate my eternal love to you. May we have such a great time in years to come and many more!

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