Wednesday, February 11

Batam outing

Last weekend, Abi suggested that we pay a visit to Batam. It was just going to be a daytrip so I did not see why we should not do it.

My husband and I boarded the 1.20pm ferry from Harbourfront Ferry Terminal. By the way, Batam is an hour later than Singapore because of the different time zone. Riding one of the Penguin ferries, we reached Batam Centre exactly in one hour. And the adventure began.

Well, there was no adventure this time. Due to his previous experiences of joining site visit to the place before, Abi was not confident enough to bring me around in Batam Island. If he said they would need two local escorts whenever there is an investors’ trip to Batam, then I better not argue with my husband’s decision.

So we ended up heading towards Mega Mall Batam Centre, a shopping center just across the street from the immigration checkpoint.

We started with lunch at a bakso restaurant. I had no idea that Abi did not know what food it was. There is always a first time for everything and Indonesian meatball dish would be my husband’s. Therefore, I should mark that day so we could tell our future generation about it. Yeah, right.

Then we went around the mall looking for mementos from this island. We bought two Indonesian artist CDs for a total of SGD10. I purchased ELLE magazine Indonesian edition that came with a free t-shirt for just SGD5.
I recalled about cute and convenient dip sauces in mini sized plastic bottles I saw when dining out in Bali. We went to look for them at Hypermart within the shopping center and got four of those for about 50 cents each.
By tea time, Abi and I had covered the whole mall. We sat for donut and coffee before making a move back to the ferry terminal. We caught the 6.20pm ride and another hour on the speedy but bumpy journey, we were back in Singapore came nightfall.

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