Friday, February 13

ERL ride

It was public holiday last Monday when Abi and I arrived at KLIA in the evening. We flew in from Singapore to KL because I would start work and my husband training the next day. So from the airport, we decided to travel home on the ERL.

Abi took out his newspaper right away and read it throughout the journey. Due to what it seemed to be the longest train ride to me, I chose to self capture several images with the camera to cure my utmost boredom.

I tried to include my beloved husband during my snapping of the photos. However, he was being difficult that it was impossible to take some decent pictures with him!

I did not realize Abi was doing all those faces when I clicked the shutter. My husband thought he was being creative and funny at that moment. Well, it was not funny to me.

In fact, his looks were a bit scary. Until I combined the so-called creative images and posted here for all his friends to see, now that is funny! Tee-hee.

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