Thursday, January 29

Long holiday

Last weekend was the beginning of a long holiday in Malaysia and Singapore. It was due to a public holiday on Monday and Tuesday in both countries. So in the last five days, there was a lot of celebrating, feasting and giving in my own so-called life.On Saturday, my husband and I attended his schoolmate’s wedding in Puchong. Wearing matching light blue outfits, we arrived there early not wanting to miss the reception ceremony. Once we finished our meal, we found the groom getting his final touchups and took a couple of pictures of our celebrated friend.After that, the groom and his entourage paraded towards their new family’s place. When the bride came out to welcome them, my first thought was: she is slim and I would love to be one now. Anyhow Gorock, my husband and I would like to extend our best wishes on your wedding and may your love be forever lasting. We hope to see you again and more at futsal practice, alright?Abi woke up on Sunday morning asking if I wanted to go to IKEA. Okay, which crazy wife would say no when her husband questioned her such? Not me, definitely! But first, we had breakfast at Nasi Lemak Cikgu. I could not recall when we last ate there. Not much had changed, though.

While waiting for the IKEA showroom to open, we had coffee at its restaurant. Then, it was shopping time! Abi always felt like buying a wooden chair for our balcony so he found one at the store. We also purchased keys holder, pots and pans rail and tools set. Actually, my handyman husband got himself a power drill a few months back so you could say that he is into drilling at the moment. I let him play with his toy as long as the house is in one piece.

That evening we drove to Kuala Pilah visiting Abi’s maternal grandmother. There was a joint birthday celebration of my husband’s baby sister, two aunties and two uncles. Hopefully, everybody was happy with their gifts just as we were getting and wrapping them.

Monday and it was big boy’s play time! Abi planned to hang the keys holder, pots and pans rail as well as our wedding portrait on the walls. So if my husband had a drilling mission to complete, I took the chance to do the laundry and tidy up the apartment instead.

That night we went out to dinner at The Loaf to celebrate a special occasion. I ordered roast chicken breast and Abi grain-fed beef tenderloin. As usual, we could not wait for their butter rolls to arrive as they were delectable. Dinner was delightful and different in a good way.After dinner we had coffee at a kopitiam on our way home. Did I tell? Mom- and sister-in-law were coming over and would be spending the night at our place. We made a move as soon as we finished up our drinks so we could get ready to greet our guests.Everyone woke up late on Tuesday morning as we stayed a bit late watching TV. I went for a quick dip in the swimming pool with Abi and his sister. By midday, we came out from the pool and prepared to help mom-in-law with lunch.

She was cooking us her famous mee mama or mom’s noodle, yay! I tried keeping minimum trouble in the kitchen but the ceramic tray broke anyway. Thank God for delicious lunch, though. Once gaining their much needed energy through short napping on a full tummy, everybody left our house before nightfall.

Wednesday was here at last but still many things needed to be done. My husband and I rushed to the Immigration Department office to renew his passport. Next, we had lunch at YO! Sushi. Then, we went to four banks to settle financial matters before bumping into my closest friend, literally, because she works in the same area with our apartment. I invited her over for a chat.

After having early dinner by chef Abi, our university friend got back to her office. My husband packed his bag and I sent him to ERL station in Tasik Selatan. Shortly reaching home, I fell asleep and did not even realize when Abi called from Singapore. Darn…long…holiday…zzz…


mush said...

patut la korang x datang ari ahad tu, dah pegi ari sabtu rupanya...apsal last week x datang futsal?haha...saje jer nak memenuhkan ruang komen ni, x best la plak klu xde orang komen kan? anyone else yg baca blog ni?

Ami said...

eleh aku dtg futsal, ada korg kasik aku main? aku lipat baju @umah la mlm tu heheh..
btw aku blog utk bacaan sendiri je, bleh? x tau plak sape yg follow..

mush said...

klu nak main, cakap la...kitaorang x kisah jer, hubby ko mungkin kisah..hoho...