Tuesday, March 10

Weekend guests

There was a department outing that I was suppose to join last weekend to Cherating. However, I could not follow my colleagues because of a family matter. Abi’s family had arranged to visit our Singapore home, finally. It was kind of a last minute plan.

Although my husband allowed me to go on with my office trip and bring a friend as his replacement, he sounded hesitant over the phone. I sensed a desperate tone that he needed me around when we spoke, therefore I gave in.

I let go of the department outing since Abi felt that it was just natural that I be with him during the arrival of my brother-, parents-in-law, three aunties and six cousins. As the usually supportive wife, I flew in to Changi after work on Friday so that I would arrive a few hours earlier to welcome them. Besides, I would rather see my husband smiling instead of worrying for having to figure out how to attend his visiting family and relatives.

Truth be told, I regained my RM205 for pulling ourselves out from the office trip. I had been to Cherating, anyway. On the other hand, Abi ended up paying RM250 to get me on the last flight out from KL. It was a win-win situation for us: I won the plane ticket and he won me!

My husband and I were expecting two cars at our private apartment on Saturday. The information received was that the first car would lead the second car getting to Pasir Ris. However, only the first car arrived at about four in the morning as the other one got lost when they were inadvertently separated after the Singapore immigration checkpoint.

Not again, I thought. It was almost the same situation I caught in not long ago when I drove over there on my own except that I was alone then and they were a bunch of them in that car. We tried to contact everybody in the second car but to no avail. All the boys including Abi were ready to begin a search on the so-called missing vehicle when it appeared in front of the house’s gate at last. Amazingly, they reached home in one piece despite the lack of communication, let alone a map.

Like I said before you could not get lost in Singapore even if you try for it is a small country. It is safe, too so I guess there is no need to panic if you find yourself driving round and round in the wee hours. You are not actually lost but cannot find the way, yet. You will get there eventually. Just take your time and enjoy the spontaneous sightseeing tour until you reach your real destination.

So that weekend we played host to a dozen of people at once. All of us attended a distant relative’s wedding on rainy Saturday afternoon. Then, we went shopping from 10pm until 2am at Little India and the girls continued shopping the next afternoon until tea time in Tampines. It was a crazy experience for me – bringing eight people out to shop on Sunday, alone, while my husband stayed home finishing his report for Monday meeting.

All 12 of them left for KL that Sunday night. Abi thought that we handled our guests fine. However, I thought they managed themselves well as I did not have to do a single thing! The aunties cooked breakfast every morning for us. The cousins did their own dishes. Everyone slept anywhere possible in the house. It was easy for me entertaining them.

In addition, I got those mauve peep toe heels I had been craving for some time from my husband. It was a gift of effort and I got them for not even trying to make any! I do not mind doing this again in future, really, Abi.

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