Friday, March 20

Weekend alone

I know I had been quiet for a while now. Life was no fun for me because Abi was not around. My husband had to stay in Singapore and I need to wait in KL. The reason was that we must surrender both our passports to an embassy due to some visa matters.

So that was why I did not write as nothing really happened last weekend. Except that on Saturday, I sent my husband’s car for a maintenance service at Toyota Centre in PJ. After killing about five hours over there, I passed more time at a mall where I bought four pieces of garments from La Senza. Kindly blame the shop for having a sale, Abi.

In the evening I went to my mom’s house where she was hosting a dinner welcoming distant grandparents from Medan. Yes, my ancestors hailed from Indonesia so I still got living relatives whom I have yet to meet them. Anyway I felt sorry for my husband because we had tomato rice, one of his favorites, that evening. It was scrumptious, as usual.

After dinner, the family chat revolved around ghost stories. Aunties and cousins were kind enough to share their encounter experiences. I am the biggest scaredy cat when it comes to unseen entities. Goosebumps were all over me and my eyes were watery hearing these creepy tales. Darn, I was going back to an empty house later.

I braved going home that night although it rained again and all the way. I refused to sleep at my mom’s for I had a thousand things to do the next day. Thank God I arrived home safe and sound around ten minutes before midnight. Phew!

So on Sunday I slept in late, watched TV, did a two week’s laundry, watched TV, listened to mp3, watched TV, scrubbed the toilets, watched TV, swept the floor, watched TV, took an afternoon nap, watched TV, washed a whole week’s dishes and watched more TV. Boy was I busy.

At night I decided to eat out since there was nothing to cook for dinner (read: excuses). My target was the nearest KFC where I had chicken. I reached home on a full stomach but had trouble sleeping that night. I should…have not…had that…snack plate…zzz…

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