Sunday, September 26

Race night

As soon as we arrived home from 2010 F1 SingTel SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX qualifying night, Abi was officially infected with colds by yours truly. Poor baby is known to have lower immune system than mine, it was no surprise there.

So we are both down with a disease that causes runny nose and a lot of sneezing. However, I got out of bed quite early to concoct breakfast dish from leftover rice. We had hearty fried rice before spending the whole morning in front of the TV. What a great way to enjoy weekend huh?

In the afternoon, Abi and I went out to Popeyes for lunch and then to the pharmacy getting proper medicine. Now we are resting since I do not plan to miss out on the race event which is well, tonight (wink).

Almost always my husband would fall ill following my sickness but if it is the other way around, I would not be affected. There were a few cases to prove this like the chicken pox I caught before our wedding, he followed suit. And when my body was having a hard time to acclimatize after the Hong Kong visit, my husband joined in to show support (grin).

As a positive person as I am, it is actually God's gift for us. I never want to see this as a weakness but rather a plus point especially that we are a team. Having more experience in health department, Abi normally know what to do or how to cure it (kiss). We go through the ordeal together until full recovery is achieved at the end of the day. Hence I would not have it any other way.

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