Saturday, September 25

Sick, finally

Abi and I had late lunch about four o'clock today. Earlier we walked to the wet market getting cooking ingredients so I then prepared mix veggie dish and my husband, fried fish. I passed out a few times after meal.

My throat is still sore from yesterday. I suspect it is because my colleagues and I braved the drizzle in Penang when looking for nasi kandar. Never had I thought that there is a price to pay for really good food (sigh). However, I must admit we had a wonderful time during the business trip. I wish to go back there again with Abi in the near future, it should be fun!

Above are photos of hotel room on Magazine Road which I stayed in during the two-day conference. Really neat and super cozy! Now I am going to get some more rest. I hope to gain all the necessary energy to spend time outside this evening. We have a qualifying event to catch. Sore throat or not, I want to go see it (yeah).


Approximately one half hour after popping a paracetamol and a nap:

I am feeling a bit hot and sweaty

There is no change to the sore throat, of course

My body temperature is maybe slightly feverish

I woke up to see one passed out husband hmm

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