Monday, September 27

After party

Abi and I were given the opportunity to witness the Alonso-Ferrari dynamics be champion of the night. Following that, I persuaded my husband to stay for the concert although I know for the fact that he had to work the next day hence he would have just a few hours sleep (tongue).

Alright, would somebody tell me why would I not want to see Mariah Carey, huh? So we (by this I mean me) sang along with her famous old school numbers including Dreamlover, One Sweet Day and I'll Be There. Then only we left and reached home by one in the morning.

Despite both our health deterioration, at least Abi and I managed to stay until the end of the race and enjoyed live performance from a world renowned diva. I would high five to that! Short story shorter, I had a good time thus only had Abi to thank for such experience. I love you, you know that?

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