Monday, October 18

Breakfast weekend

Yesterday Abi and I woke up early because we were going to have breakfast at IKEA. Before eight o'clock we were already knocking his brother's apartment to get them tagging along. Yeah we are that ruthless when it comes to eating program (tongue).

So we managed to drag both brother and cousin to Mutiara Damansara. I was excited about the whole thing that we even arrived before the store opened. Hmm so kiasu like that.

Well, I do not want to say much instead I am going to let the pictures tell how hungry and greedy we all were!

By the way, that was not me being sleepy having to wake up so early to eat but I was actually wondering how we were going to stuff all that food into our little tummies (wink). And we actually finished every single dish and other meals did not even occur in my mind throughout the day! What lunch?

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