Wednesday, January 5

Happy year

Happier, get it?

When I was younger and by this I mean last year (that was mere days ago) I did a lot of stuffs. Some are which I am actually proud of and others well, just plain stupid. Sure, there had not been much contribution coming from me to the society at large but I am pretty confident many of those around me were happy because that was what I tried to help making them feel. I did, really.

Happiness is when I had listened to my girl with her never ending guy conflict. It is also when I consoled a cold feet bro to overcome his worry.

Financial aid with money I did not have because I spent away my monthly paycheck; made a certain family members happy. Yeah I know I should have saved for rainy days but hey somebody has to keep the economy going here (grin).

Our three sets of parents were the happiest when Abi and I visited them as much as we could that sometimes I wonder if they realize my husband is working in another different country. And I could not bear the thought of not being able to make an appearance at extended family events because I am quite sure they were happy to see us (tongue).

At work, I could tell that my superior was glad I was around. Also, I gave my best of expertise to the team which would normally involve diplomatic correspondence (read: people oriented with language proficiency). During breaks, the office girls were laughing with me. Of course nobody would say it to your face that they are grateful having you but sometimes you just know, you know?

But I could only do so much.

There were some things I really had no control of. I am not going to make up excuses about my hands being tied up or my awareness was lacking that ended up hurting people. Clearly, your happiness did not require me in it so I guess we have to live with that.

Alright, enough babbling about ancient times. In moving forward I better leave older days behind. Seriously, I cannot stand reminiscing or spending time regretting the past. In fact if some genius succeeded in building a time machine and offers me (as if) the ride back in history, I got to pass. Let bygones be bygones. What's done, is done. So get with the program, please?

I have a number of programs lined up for this year already. There is my drinking buddy who is getting married at the end of this month. Abi’s cousin, who always fetched me at the airport with no questions asked, is, too in a couple.

Back in the office, the girls are organizing a department outing next month. I could almost imagine the fun my husband and I will enjoy (wink). Then there is the annual trip with our cousins ready to take off in the second quarter. I shall begin the necessary preparation very soon.

Although, work is going to be doubly hard and overloaded; which explains the personal fallback plans we are designing to balance it out. Abi and I are off for a good start of a busy year ahead. I can hardly wait to go through it all with a great great man (too bad I am the one married to him!) as well as happy happy crowd close to me.

And the weekend wife saga continues.

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