Tuesday, February 22

Obsession confession

Last year it was handbags. Yeah I could not get those beauties off of my head. Any blogshop offering and selling the stuffs would caught my eyes immediately. Through them I managed to buy a signature hobo, leather satchel and checkbook clutch. It did not stop me there though because then, it got worse.

During our trip to Boston, I went crazy! I lost count on how many times I visited Macy. Well, the store kept having sale events like an ongoing thingy so I found that hard to resist (sigh). Before the trip ended I found myself having bought a total of six handbags with four of them being Aigners! They are so cheap, even cheaper than the published prices on the official website. And you could imagine the hard time I had arranging and stuffing them into our suitcases (tongue). But it was worth the trouble flying them all back to KL.

This year, I have not decided on an indulgence. Yet. I have been frequenting shopping websites like a lot! My husband shakes his head at my new past time initially but now (although he will deny this fact to you), I begin to sense that he has a slight interest in messenger bags. Hmm I may be wrong but hey I have known him for more than a decade so yeah.

Sometimes I cannot help myself and whoops, purchased a few stuffs online. They include Anya Hindmarch bow and shopping totes, H&M tops and ballerina shoes; Love Moschino shoulder bag, CHeapnCHic flats and Lulu Guinness purse. For the record, I do not do mass thus tend to go against the crowd. Carrying the same with others is never the whole point of my quest for the perfect accessory. Apparently too cliche, I cannot handle it. Plus I am cheapskate, remember?

There you go, my skeleton in the closet: it has decided to come out. I hate being me but I really love what I am doing with my money and on occasions, my husband's (kiss). Anyway it is still early, the year is long. There is more than enough time to work on my collection (wink). I already see the annual trip with our cousins as a perfect opportunity to go full blast.

Abi honey, you have been warned.

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