Wednesday, April 13

Reason and choice

Just spoke to a colleague yesterday about her tendering the notice of resignation. Her last day will next Friday. She is getting married early next month and moving to Japan to be with her husband. Yeah strange how the world works, huh? Not a very safe choice of country to stay in nowadays, yet this bride-to-be risks it all in the name of love. So sweet, right?

Well, I say good for her and wished her all the best of luck in her pursue of bliss. Because most importantly, she is doing it for all the right reasons, at least to herself and nobody or nothing can take that away from her.

In another story, my drinking buddy just came back from Makkah for performing umrah. Not all Muslims get to receive this invitation from God to the Holy land. Some never get the chance to do pilgrimage in their lifetime. As for her, she not only went there but also together with her whole family. It was really a beautiful work of the Creator.

So apart from spending time for ibadah, my girl also spare some quality me time on self reflection. Enlightened, she came back determined to become a better person by beginning to stand up to her own choices and not of others. Again, nobody or nothing shall take that away from her.

Resignation and reflection. In the midst of completing piling work tasks, somehow the two manage to creep into my mind. I have been working nonstop in the last six month without extra day off. It is bearable simply because I enjoy coming to the office day in, day out.

So busy with work, I just go on and on and on without having the opportunity to scrutinize past actions or realign my priorities. Therefore, I secretly wish to do either of the above but at the same time I feel that it is alright if neither happened. The urgency feeling would sink in and I would be okay again.

Thinking back of the two anecdotes, I feel the need to identify the right reasons and then make a choice. Or I could just do both, maybe.

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