Monday, July 4

Nostalgic night

My obtaining a free soul status just touched a week but already I was experiencing the life of a socialite (wink). All thanks to my drinking buddies who made it possible for me to taste the so-called life on a totally different grass.

To begin with and for the record, I am a volunteer at one of the registered and renowned Islamic NGO based in KL. Because of my hectic life schedule, previously I would have to let go of the opportunities for getting involved in the many humanitarian programs lined up by this particular organization. However last weekend, that was not the case at all.

I was personally invited to a charity dinner by the Head of Operation and Finance during our regular drinking session. And it was not just any dinner, mind you. We are talking concert dinner featuring a respectable performer, the versatile Datuk Sharifah Aini or fondly known as Kak Pah by her fans. The event would be taking place inside the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Seri Pacific located just next to PWTC.

That evening, I got ready by 6pm and waited for my girl to fetch me at my apartment. As the Head of Corporate Communication and Public Relations for the organization, I say she did a pretty good job making sure I had social fun! We arrived at the venue by 7pm, thank God for smooth traffic on a Saturday night (phew) and were briefed about guests registration immediately. Next thing I knew, I was handing out confirmed tickets to arriving guests, voluntarily.

Right after 8pm, dinner was served and food was simple but delicious (burp). So that officially initiated the Majlis Makan Malam Amal Simfoni Kasih IKIMfm "Hapuslah Air Matamu" Bersama Datuk Sharifah Aini organized by Islamic Relief Association Malaysia. I sat together with a Producer pal and a couple of lawyer associates I was introduced to earlier, who by the way, knew how to have fun!

The guests were then entertained by the one and only, Datuk herself. It took a while before she got the crowd going, actually. After a few warming up numbers, the audience really started to party (woo hoo). Kak Pah sang more than 20 songs including our all time favorite Seiring dan Sejalan where she had a major donor's staff to be her duet partner on stage. Coincidentally, the dinner fell on the same day as her birthday so she was not spared that night. The hotel brought out a cake and everybody in turn sang Happy Birthday to her (aawww).

The event ended at 11pm but we volunteers stayed for a little longer to capture memories through the overly excited photographer's camera (tongue). The organizing President also had all of our photos taken with Datuk as soon as she was done with press conference.

It was indeed a night to remember where I enjoyed an unforgettable event with friends who have always been by my side through thick and thin, thus I will treasure them in my life forever. When they say that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, they know darn well what they are talking about!

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