Monday, August 1


This year, I had a funny way of entering Ramadan. I got up to prepare Abi's work attire. Then I cooked instant noodle for early breakfast as today we began fasting.

Yesterday, we ate quite generous chicken rice dish at lunch. For dinner my husband enjoyed nasi kandar and I rojak so we really could not stuff more food into our little tummies, hence the instant noodle. Hmm.

We were driving Abi to the airport. Not long after I dropped him off, his mother called me wishing happy fasting. Aaaww nice, eh? She is one heck of a mom-in-law who I have no complaint of (grin).

I woke up from my nap and bathed before going out to the mall. There was something special to look for but I could not make up my mind about it yet. Man, this was hard and I was running out if time.

This time it was my turn to catch a flight so I was going to the airport, again! I checked-in, waited and dozed off a couple of times on the bench! I was embarrassed myself but I really could not help it.

I touched down in Changi and went to the lane that said Singaporeans and residents: Welcome home. Aaaww nice, right? You know come to think of it, this is kind of home. Yeah, maybe our second home but it still feels like home.

I quickly took the train but on the way, Abi and I arranged over the phone to meet up at Pasir Ris Town Park.

We broke our fasting at a Chinese restaurant by the lake starting with dates and Begawan Solo amazing durian-infused nyonya kueh. Then came our main course: sambal fried rice with baby kailan (yummy). We walked off our meal through the park heading towards home. Suddenly, I was feeling nostalgic thus feeling the need to document this memory.

Therefore my so-called chores today involved going to the airport, twice. I slept in, slept at waiting area and slept throughout the flight due to fatigue from the running around. All three times! Tee hee.

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