Friday, July 29

Free meal(s)

The title kind of says it all. Really.

Yesterday, I walked out of the house heading to DTE. Along the way, I stopped by at Popeyes and casually asked the server at the counter if I could redeem a couple of items. Actually, I got a code the from Internet that entitled me for free food (tongue). The best part of the whole process was she did not hesitate at all. I was amazed myself!

Now kindly imagine similar situation but back home. I have vouchers gifted by former company for good attendance. Last Friday, I went to Serdang to spend some and guess what? There was almost a commotion taking place between the server-on-duty and yours truly. She punched the cash register but I was not quite done with ordering breakfast. As I asked for an upsize of coffee, she insisted I pay with own cash when in fact there was still balance from the voucher.

Little Missy, my voucher was paid for so it was as good as cash. I still wonder why she hurriedly completed the sale, though. Is such Customer Service taught at University McDonald's? Hmm.

Getting back to the biscuit and chicken wing I got free-of-charge: I arrived at the airport and found a quiet spot and enjoyed them (yummy). With happy full tummy, I went straight for check-in and chatted with my girl while waiting for flight takeoff.

It was a smooth landing, thank God. Before entering my vicinity, I performed Asar qasar (shortened) prayer. Should not waste such rukhsoh (facility), right? After all, Islam is practical and understanding religion, I could not comprehend if anyone would think otherwise.

8pmI hopped on ERL making my way towards Bandar Tasik Selatan. Earlier, my drinking buddies had confirmed that they would fetch me at the train station (yay). Not only I would have a safer ride home, I also got to catch up with these crazy people.

They took me for dinner and surprise! There was a birthday cake for dessert, too (woo hoo). May God bless these people's life and guide them through countless challenges they face in their line of humanitarian work. And as for me, I would not wish mine be any other way. Amin!

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