Thursday, August 4

His birthday

I woke Abi up because we were going to have Singapore mee hoon for sahur. Talk about irony, huh? Just as he cleared everything on his plate, I went into the study, brought out his birthday gift from the drawer and sang birthday song (grin), surprise!

I loved the look on my husband's face: unsuspecting! So today he turned another year older (aaaww). Oh he is always a wiser man than any other I know my whole life, no doubt about that. Tee hee.

I was up, finally and began to scavenge the kitchen. Wait, is it even humanly, scavenge? Well whatever, I did that. Then, I started to disturb my drinking buddies in KL through online chat (tongue).

It took me less than five minutes walking to FairPrice. I planned to cook something different today (wink). FYI I go to the supermarket on daily basis. My girl once asked why I do not buy my grocery one shot like that. Well, I hate the thought of not moving my bottom from the house, you know. Therefore I make a point to be outside for fresh air, at least.

Happy iftar to all Muslims! We in Pasir Ris over here got to break our fasting earlier (yay). I hope KLites would be extra patient waiting for their turn. Anyway, bismillah.

I had prepared fusilli with beef and mushroom tomato sauce for Abi's birthday dinner. It is his favorite pasta so I tried hard not to screw this one up. With me fasting and all, I did not know what it tasted like until we actually ate it. What do you know, my husband approved it with flying colors (phew).

The truth is anything that I cook here has been given positive comments by him. Last Tuesday, my nasi lemak received a perfect (whoa, I know). However, I suspect that everything to do with Malaysian air tangan is good enough for Abi. Thank God.

After solat, I served us dessert! What else, right? It was my own creation proudly and I made it during the day using stuffs from the fridge only. I would like to call it MY fruit cake trifle.

Chocolate chip cookie crumbs

Fruit cake

Chocolate-vanilla swirl ice-cream

1. Make cookie crumbs as base in a medium height container.

2. Slice fruit cake thinly and arrange the pieces on top of the crumbs. Compact the layer with a spoon.

3. Slice ice-cream thinly and arrange the pieces at the top before compacting it.

4. Freeze the now full container.

The result? When he finished his portion, my husband stole a bite of the trifle from my plate. Enough said.

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