Saturday, June 14

Good morning!

Alright I admit it: work is very boring nowadays. This is because my job is of project basis that for this round I had already completed it some months ago. Since then I have been coming into the office not knowing what to do. Please God, do not let my boss read this.

Which is why I am in Singapore now! I could use some retail therapy for having worked so hard this year. I heard (thank you for the useful information, Abi) the Great Singapore Sale started last month and will be going on until end of July. Maybe I could look for things that I have always wanted to own. See if they are worth buying now than they were a few months back. I have a list, you know.

I arrived early this morning. As usual, Abi fetch me at the terminal in a cab. We dropped by McDonald’s to get me pre breakfast at 4am just in time to witness France losing to the Netherlands in EURO 2008. There goes another favorite team of mine.

My husband is sleeping at the moment. I just let him since he had cleaned the house until late last night. Am I a lucky wife or what? I wonder if other husbands fetch, feed or clean their wives like he does (why do I sound like I am a cat?). Although I already had fillet o’ fish (oh no, I do sound like I am a cat!), we are still going out for breakfast in a bit.

By the way, my cousin whose husband stays in Bahrain because of work; is also coming but she will reach here around noon today. She is bringing her long time friend. When three women get together, you could guess what is going to happen. There will be much gossiping, some shopping and maybe cooking. Yes, we will be like a bunch of girls having so much fun!

However today, we will only have time to go window shopping if not shopping shopping. My cousin requests us to bring her to Sentosa Island in which we have never been to, too. I think we can do that tomorrow morning when we are a lot fresher. I hope my husband would bear with us this weekend.

So I am going shopping. I wish to pay nothing. My husband buys everything. Do I hear “ka ching?” I see his head shaking; about to be aching. Do not worry darling. You know I love teasing.

Shut up people, I am happy!

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