Friday, June 27

Breaking spell

Remember the Sentosa Island visit? We had to forget it due to time-consuming shopping.
Remember my husband’s best man duty? I ironed his pants and sampin but left them at home.

What do all of the above have in common? They are the plans that I announce to the world before but fail to accomplish. I admit that half of them were my own fault but I blame it on the too much excitement I got from the idea of pursuing them.

This is one of my pet peeves. Actually, I already realized it since I was younger. Back in the university, if my girlfriends and I got too excited planning to go out and have fun, things could end up the other way around if not ugly. In short, we did not have the expected fun!

There is a certain kind of jinx to announcing plans. I should have never ever told anyone about any plan until it is realized. I kind of believe this and my own wedding is evident enough to prove it. My husband and I agreed that we must not tell anybody that we were engaged thus getting married. By keeping low, we hoped that our preparation would run effortlessly. Of course my husband did it for other reasons too, like to give everybody a pleasant surprise! So after working hard in creating a memorable event and with God’s will for sure, we managed to pull it off.

Now coming back to my plan announcing habit, I really think it has got to stop. Maybe I wish so hard for things to happen that they do not come true. The thing is I am not very upset that I could die if these so-called plans failed. I believe that God has better plans for me that I should just let go of plans that God wants me to pass. It is the people who are affected by my loud mouth that I am worried about. I cannot go on hurting my husband, family and friends anymore.

So I guess it is safer that I announce less about anything here from now onwards. Maybe I will keep on sharing past and present news but need to reveal less of my future hopes and dreams. Anyway, life is too short to waste and worry. I refuse to live it in haste and hurry. I will take one step at a go. My new motto to live by shall be: show and then tell but never tell when cannot show.

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