Wednesday, June 18

Shopping weekend

Funny thing happened at the office today. Two female colleagues from different other departments asked if I am pregnant. Their reason: I look chubby (a nicer way of saying that I am fat!). Yes, I think I put on weight (the nicest way of revealing the fact that I am fat!) and I blame it on the food I consumed last weekend in Singapore.

When I was there for two nights, I recalled having eaten fish fillet burger, nasi lemak, penyet chicken rice, roti canai, chicken nuggets, and almost everything from a Korean steamboat buffet spread. Oh, I also did not forget the in-between snacks like apples, char kwai and green tea ice-cream. You could say that I am a serious eater and believe me I did not just end there.

While on my way back to KL with my cousin and her friend, we stopped at the Gelang Patah R & R area. I ate fried rice for breakfast. I had two cut guavas, one sun melon slice and tambun biscuits as travel snack.

We dropped by Salak Tinggi to pick up my cousin’s son at her sister’s place and guess what? I had white rice with fried bean sprout, oxtail soup and sambal anchovy for lunch! They send me back home fully loaded and I wonder why I was so sleepy that I had to catch a nap.

One weekend is all it takes for me to gain this much but I need longer time than that to shove the fat out from my spare tires. So now I have a mission: must go check out that swimming pool back at the apartment by today. Even if I do not make it into the water, at least I know the access to that facility.

By the way, all I got from the Great Singapore Sale were just bags due to time constraint; in which my husband would not agree because he managed to finish a book while we girls shopped. I bought a sweet pink canvas with white polka dots tote bag. Because my husband and I go everywhere, I should pack all our short travel essentials in there.

I also purchased myself a hot chocolate corduroy shoulder bag from Charles & Keith. The space is large enough that could put in everything from documents to even spare clothes if I want to. I bring this one to the office and I think it looks alright on me.

Anyway, fret not for I will be back to Singapore before the sale event is over. Well Abi, you better think of another book to buy.

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