Thursday, June 12

Travel together?

So my husband had been coming back to KL for five weekends in a row now. Last two weekends he was here to attend a friend’s wedding in Shah Alam. Actually Abi could never turn down many invitations from our families and friends simply because he is a courteous gentleman. Besides, other people do expect us to show up at their special events and we kind of enjoy turning up especially when there is good food involved.

Next weekend, another school mate is tying the knot and my husband has been given the honor to be the bestman. This means that I get to play dress up with my husband, yay! Although Abi would normally wear anything I put on him, these invitations do help bring us together as a married couple somehow. Hey, if he does not complaint about his costume at all, I feel loved already and our marriage is far from over definitely.

My question being is there really a point for me to go stay with my husband in Singapore now? You see, Abi is always coming back home to me! What I am trying to say is if we were to move over there, we both would still have to travel back to KL attending these events.

Although it is good say, for us coming back to KL as we could do some grocery and furniture shopping, it is all so darn exhausting! It breaks my heart to watch my husband sleeps flat tired on weekend nights. Poor baby! In fact we sleep at every chance we get even during the day after running around getting stuffs for our house.

Once, a friend suggested if the couple is away together, other people would be more considerate thus the obligation to fulfill their invitations is not as much as before. Well I have to try it first to see if it works, right? What if it does not? Has anyone else tried this?

As for me, I guess it is better things stay the way they are, for now. If we take turn traveling, one could stay alert and cheery while the other is tired and cranky. There is a complement in that. Like the other weekend, I drove the car and Abi took a nap on our way to Port Dickson attending some family matters. We are still together but we just need to help balance each other.

Anyhow, I cannot accept the idea of us both traveling back and forth yet. We might just kill each other along the journeys out of boredom and fatigue.

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