Thursday, January 22

Favorite drinks

Allow me to introduce my two favorite drinks.

One of my favorite drinks is called green tea soda float. It is actually iced soda water with a scoop of green tea ice-cream floating in a tall clear glass. The look is minimal but it is one heck of a thirst quencher!

In addition, I do not have to order anymore dessert because the green tea ice-cream is already sufficient to satisfy my sweet tooth.

This drink is available at the Ramen Ten Restaurant. It is a halal eating place that serves different kinds of ramen noodles.

I did not know that ramen can be prepared with many sorts of flavors and still taste so good. They also come in several levels of spiciness. Once, I tried level three and was sweating all over but never fear: green tea soda float was there to rescue me.

Another favorite drink of mine is iced tea. Not just any, there is this particular one I really like.

However, when I ordered it for the first time, my heart sank as it arrived because the color was not convincing at all. I thought it was too milky.

Surprisingly, the mixture of milk and tea is well balanced. No more, no less than the other.

That is why they say never judge a book by its cover. Well, I say it is by far the perfect iced tea I have ever sipped.

So when I need a little pick-me-up, I would find the time for an iced tea at the Palma Café.

The price excluding government and service taxes: RM4 which I do not mind paying for it. The good feeling it brings after my stressful day at the office: priceless.

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