Wednesday, January 14

Frying 101

We made our way to the supermarket to buy grocery last Saturday morning as Abi had promised me that he would cook lunch that day. We bought some basic ingredients from the supermarket near our house and went home just to lie around watching TV at home waiting for lunch time.

After waking up from our afternoon nap at about 4 o’clock, my husband put on my flurry pink house slippers and entered our wet kitchen. When he was preparing the ingredients for his famous dish: fried bee hoon, I snapped some photos from another room looking into the kitchen yard.

Abi appeared confident wearing his sex hair as he began to fix us late lunch. Oh I cannot wait to eat the food he was going to put on our table.

Now look at that muscle working! At this point my husband could not care about what was going on around him because if he was not careful, he might burn his precious cuisine. Watching him stir frying the noodle, I knew that he tried hard never to screw this one up.

Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take a picture of the best fried bee hoon in KL I ever tasted! It was because I was too busy eating and complimenting Abi on his cooking success. Of course this was not his first time frying bee hoon but I love it the best last weekend, seriously. It was flavorful as the chef was so generous to put in eggs, fish balls and veggie into his specialty.

So that was lunch: healthy, light and I believe each strand of noodle was a labor of love.

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