Thursday, July 16

Eating out

Last Thursday, I went out with a friend who was getting engaged over the weekend. He and a girl friend fetched me at my apartment after seven in the evening. We took him out for his last meal as a single male.

The three of us headed to Chili’s Grill and Bar at Mid Valley where we dined as if there is not going to be another outing like this. Well, we girls were not taking chances on this one. Because if even a male chauvinist pig (and proud of it) like him decided to get married, he could (I repeat, could) submit to his fiancĂ©e’s command to not hang out with us anymore. Who knows, right? So if it was our last night together, we had to be prepared. Weep.

Anyway, I had been craving for nachos for quite some time now. So I ordered just that and enjoyed to the last piece. Apart from that we also had chicken tenders and drummets, fries, sandwiches, spring rolls and veggies. Oh Abi, kindly do not hate me (kiss) for eating so much sin food. Without you. At least the celery sticks were healthy. Tee hee.

It was a relaxing night out, though. It felt like I had not seen these guys for weeks! We had a lot to catch up on especially about our respective lives. And about future nation building and the world’s problem. As if! No, we talked about other people instead. Wink. We are human being, we do that.

Abi called in the middle of dinner. He actually wished our celebrated friend, “There goes your freedom.” Yeah I guess so, too. Your time is up, dude. Anyway, congratulations! I hope for only the finest things on your engagement and wedding days. And may we always stay the good bunch sharing drinks and gossips. Hear, hear.

We left Chili’s when it was getting late. And realized that tomorrow was still working day. And remembered that my girl friend and I needed to pack up stuffs for our trip to Singapore after work. Uhuh, we were driving down to see my husband on Friday evening.

Hey roomie, here we come!

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