Friday, July 24


Abi is arriving in KL about at 10 tonight. I know Aeroline serves dinner on board so I will have to eat on my own. Therefore, I told him that I am making dinner plan with the girls from the office.

We are going to one of my favorite eating places, the Palma Café. A colleague has been craving for a chili pasta. She would go on and on and on about how delicious the dish is for so long now. I never tried that one before so I might just order that. Hmm. Darn, girl!

I am looking forward to dinner and doing you know, girl talk. For me, any activity outside the office is just as good. And hanging out with people who could relate to you is even better! Furthermore, this way I could kill some time while waiting for Abi.Speaking of which, later tonight, my husband and I will be checking-in into Eastin Hotel. Actually the room is booked earlier courtesy of my brother-in-law. It is his pre-birthday gift for me. Cool, huh?

So Abi and I will be spending two nights at the hotel, free of charge. I just cannot wait. We are going to sleep in, laze in and do absolutely nothing. Oh maybe we will need to order room service for that matter. I know it is going to be great (grin).

Hey bro, thank you so much for the thoughtful present. I will try to snap a few pictures. If I ever get up from the comfortable bed that is (tongue)! And kindly have a fun but safe trip to Gunung Tahan. I am telling you, your brother sure envies you for that.

Here are some of the photos, as promised.

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