Monday, July 27

Happy birthday, ol' gal!

I must admit, I was a bit nervous waking up this morning. It was the day, finally. The day I turned the big three zero. My dad was the first to call and asked my age. Real funny, dad.

Man, I am already half his age! And in the next years, I will be more than that. Life has its mathematical way of teasing us, has it not?

Both my dad and step mom wished me happy birthday right before I went out for work and my spirit was high already. Abi, let us just visit them before fasting month and steal makcik’s Raya cookie samples (yummy) back to KL!

Of course Abi had sent me birthday message when I was sleeping last night. There were wishes from colleagues, too. I am always amazed by people who actually stay up to make sure their SMS is sent exactly after 12 midnight. What an effort! Truth be told, timing aside, I already know you people love me!

Anyhow, my so-called birthday get-together at the office was a peaceful one. It was held in a room booked for a rehearsal of a conference we are holding next week. And that is my destined coincidence. God loves me too, there is no denying that!
I knew my colleagues were all busy this time around. However, 15 people made an appearance. We enjoyed Secret Recipe’s hazel cheesecake complimentary of the coolest husband in the whole wide world! It was creamy and nutty and some people had more than a slice, you know who you are (wink). Besides the dessert, I prepared spaghetti with cheese and herbs, chips, chocolate, sweets and drinks. The usual. And Abi, please have some cake (kiss).
Yeah, I like to joke about my life like that. Most people I know are so confident and witty. That is why I hang out with them a lot. Only some people I meet are too bitter with no sense of humor, which is why I choose to avoid them. I mean, why so serious? Nobody gets out alive from this short life.
I could not sulk at those who did not make it (to the party, not in life). Because their well wishes kept pouring in my email inbox so they were more than enough to make my day (grin). Well, from the bottom of my young heart I thank you all so much. You guys were the best. Air kiss on both your cheeks!
Hey life, think you got on my nerves? Not yet, babe. Today, I scored three and sorry man, you zero.

Woo hoo! Try again, like, next decade?

p/s: This birthday though, I wish not (I pledge to be different, tongue) to be:

* the bigger man; even you and I both are on the wrong sides of an argument, I will not apologize first. No, not anymore.

* the human glue; so if you guys are not in talking term, suit yourselves. Leave me out of your selfish feud. Do not call me to complain about each other, again.

* the superwoman; because I never want to be anybody’s hero. Never before, never ever. I am tired of saving others with their so-called problems. They just forget to call when they are doing fine.


Irwan Mihat said...

Sounds cool and controlled but i know u r nervous deep down there. i can hear it.... hehehhe HAPPY BIRTHDAY babe.

Ami said...

Haha..u read me like a book la!Can't wait 4 yr turn, huh? Be VERY, VERY afraid.. :*

Irwan Mihat said...