Friday, July 10

Shopaholic rules!

My cheapskate skill has gone up another level. I had proved to myself that I could get the cheapest price in getting to the airport. However, you can only attempt this act if you have extra 2.5 hours in hand before your flight check-in time. Because I did. Actually, I already took the whole afternoon off from work which was why I could try doing this.

It all happened last Friday. I boarded the KTM Komuter train from Serdang to Nilai for RM3.90. next, I caught the Airport Liner bus from Nilai straight to LCCT for RM3.50. The total amount was just RM7.40! Instead of always having to pay more than RM50 for a cab, I now had more than enough cash to spend on a drink, sandwich and even a magazine to accompany my journey. In which I did and enjoyed (wink).

And the bus driver could not be more than helpful. Maybe because he could sense that I was a first timer. But then again who could resist helping an adorable girl donned in a cute UNIQLO t-shirt and comfortable pair of trade-in Crocs™ (yes, you can do that only in Singapore) who also appeared a bit lost. Although, I do have the talent of wearing the damsel in distress look on my face but it only means that I really, really could use some help at that moment.

Anyhow I believe I had succeeded. I cheated the whole taxi-meter or taxi-driver-quotes-ridiculous-price-you-have-no-choice-but-to-pay system. However, should anybody have better bargain than this one, kindly share with me. Oh by the way, having your friend or family send you to the airport for free does not count. That is downright cheating in broad daylight!

The next morning, Abi and I did grocery shopping as we planned to eat in, hang in and sleep in for the whole day. Ah the beauty of an off day. For those who work on weekends, my heart goes out to you (frown).

On Sunday though, Abi and I went out to have breakfast at my favorite shop in Tampines. We shared fried koay teow and mee hoon with ugly looking sambal squid. The taste was good considering we have not discovered any breakfast shop better than this one, yet.

Then, it was shopping time! Hey the Great Singapore Sale is still on so I guess what the heck. Besides, my husband had been complaining about having nothing to wear whenever we needed to go out in KL. Gee, I thought only girls have such issues.

Anyway, not wanting him to feel as if there is not enough to wear (read: sarcasm), I had offered to buy him a number of clothes. At Tampines Mall, he tried on brown and blue COTTON ON t-shirts. Actually I did not care about the colors he chose but they must cling to the right places to show off certain muscled parts. And I am telling you they did just that. Sold!

Next, we moved on to Tampines1 where another favorite shop of mine is located. I could go nuts browsing through in UNIQLO! It is the first outlet to open on the island so its fans have been flocking as early as a bird, in and out of the shop, like endlessly. I felt like trying everything on but that day was about Abi and I must be supportive (tongue).

So before lunch time, my husband had picked out five t-shirts altogether for himself. Who is the shopaholic now, huh? Whereas I just bought one ¾ sleeve t-shirt. The total damage for purchasing six items? Only SGD52.60! I think I know what you are all thinking about the amount spent. Exactly.

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