Friday, May 9

Running some errands

Last two nights, I went to KLCC. There is a café that serves Penang food and I ordered rojak and red ruby for dinner. For those who are not familiar with these; rojak is a fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (according to Wikipedia) mixed together with shrimp paste sauce and nuts while red ruby is a dessert of shaved ice, coconut milk, chestnut and jackfruit. So those were what I had, if you can call them dinner.

Then I went to see my tailor in Kampung Baru. One of Abi’s aunts had presented me a pretty piece of silk fabric on my wedding. So I asked my tailor to make a long kebaya as I plan to wear it to a cousin’s wedding reception next week. I hope it will turn out nice so I could snap nice photos in it.

Anyway, I offered to cook dinner for my husband this weekend. He had already made up his mind on the menu. He requested I cook him spinach soup and sambal fish. Would that be all, sir? Well, it is not too big a challenge for me. I can manage that or at least I think so. However, the verdict will be in Abi’s hand so I am hoping he will eat more and comment less.

Boots, checked. Passport, checked. Return tickets, checked. Sing cash, checked. I am all set to spend this weekend with my husband. I will be leaving KL this evening at 6. Lion City, here I come!

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